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Tinnitus Retraining Therapy
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Welcome to Becker Audiology

We are your local, trusted hearing aid solutions specialist.

Becker Audiology offers expert services in hearing aid selection and fitting, tinnitus assessment and tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT). We also have a significant experience in pediatric hearing assessment and hearing aid fittings. We are located very near the I-94 expressway between Brookfield and Waukesha. We provide hearing aid and tinnitus services to patients of all ages in the Milwaukee metropolitan area.

Our Mission:

Dr. Becker and Dr. Schrock strive to offer the best possible hearing care. We will carefully consider your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget when recommending hearing aids for you or your loved ones. We specialize in getting you the best possible technology at reasonable prices. We are a multi-line hearing aid provider (many hearing aid retail chains can only sell hearing aids from one company) which always allows us to select the most appropriate hearing aid for your hearing loss.

When shopping the internet for hearing aids we urge you to consider that the follow up to the hearing aid fitting is often the most important variable in success with the hearing aid. Many cheap hearing aid prices on the internet don't have the follow up included in the pricing. Becker Audiology not only has excellent pricing it also offers unlimited, highly experienced follow services as a part of our listed price.

Contact us today to ask about our services, and the latest in hearing aid technology.

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Becker Audiology Videos:

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Tinnitus: Causes and Treatment - Dr. Tim Becker

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